Many of my projects would not be possible without the love and support of my friends and family.  I find my inspiration and strength from them.  They let me raid their gardens, stay up all hours and "cook" in the kitchen with me, take photos, make logos, stick stickers, tie bows, cut any and everything, drive me a million places, laugh with me and share with me.  To them, I owe a mountain of gratitude and love!  

Special mention and BIG HUGS to: 

  • Katie (the best photographer and logo designer)

  • Aunt Karen (lavender grower extraordinaire)

  • Mom (the craftiest lady I know - thanks for passing some of those skills on to me)

  • Dad (for always helping me with my crazy ideas and building just one more project!)

  • Weezie (my long distance support & the best hugger ever)

  • Ena & Caroline (for giving me my very first chance, means the world ladies!)

  • Lena D (garden lover and sharer of roses)

  • Chrissy (for always being my extra hand in the kitchen)

  • Amy F (for always encouraging me and being my sounding board)

  • Sofi (always there for me when I'm in doubt)

  • Jan B (for always answering my questions about what went wrong)

  • Tim (for always giving me the time off to try a new event - super grateful!)

  • Gramma (for letting me play in your gardens and take over your kitchen)

  • Auntie B (for always believing in me)

To all the numerous testers out there, my gratitude knows no bounds.  Without you, there would be no product - well there would be but it wouldn't 
be so amazing without your suggestions!

You guys are the best and I'll love you forever and ever!

Jodi xo


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proudly made in

amherstburg, ontario, canada